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Nama Produk : OMEGA Tire Medium
Harga : Rp. 190.000,-
Berat Packing : 150 gram
Dimensi Packing : 0 cm x 0 cm x 0 cm
Brand : Others
Informasi Produk :
Art Racing Tyres Brand have been created to provide pure racing design with efficient and various range that allow the driver to be effiecient on all tracks style

Alpha Racing Characteristics :
  1. a maximum reliability has been invested in the sourcing of raw material necessary for the rubber mixture, constant plastic material for wheels
  2. Tires and wheels lips receive a special surface coating for a better cyanocryate adherence
  3. The main peculiarity of this tires line is its strong carcass design, the tyre is working on all the outline of its structure and pattern becomes more efficient
  4. The specific molded foam insert is 100% adapted for the tires and wheel structure
Package include :
  1. 1 set of tires (2 pc)
  2. 1 set of colour dish (2pc, white, yellow, fluorosende Orange)